Weekly Howdy - 11.28.2017
by LPCC Admin on December 2nd, 2017

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for everyone who made Sunday such a wonderful celebration of thanksgiving. Thank you for the fellowship, the food, and for the reminder of how much this church family loves. Your hospitality and gifts of grace are so evident. Thank you for making love the motive for all you do.

I will be away this coming Sunday due to a previous commitment on my schedule. In my absence, the only person I know who loves this church as much as I do will be preaching, my friend Charles Higgs. Charles is no stranger to LPCC. He was instrumental in supporting the beginning of Lost Pines Cowboy Church, and he dearly loves to come and preach at LPCC. You will be so blessed through his message. I want to encourage everyone to invite a friend and come this Sunday!

On Sunday December 3, I will begin a Christmas sermon series, “Missing Christmas.” Some people miss Christmas intentionally, while others miss Christmas and never know it. Perhaps all of us, to some degree, miss the real story of Christmas. Invite a friend and join us on Sunday December 3 as we prepare for the greatest gift we could ever receive this Christmas season. Don’t miss it!

One of my favorite web sites is “Radical Mentoring: Developing Lay Leaders for your Church. Radical mentoring was started by Regi Campbell to mentor men in their personal journey of faith and their responsibilities as men of God. In a recent article, Regi addressed a very important question from which, I think, we could all benefit.

Here is an excerpt from Regi’s post:

A friend of ours was talking about Thanksgiving dinner at her house growing up. “There was always someone there we didn’t know,” she said. “Mom would always call up someone she thought would be alone that day and include them at our family table.” Her story made me think of the school cafeteria and the kids who were never included and sat alone. Or for many of us, the relatives who never included us in things their families did. Few things feel worse than feeling excluded while few things better than feeling included.

The enemy of inclusion is selfishness. “I just want my people.” We know them. It takes less effort to be around them. It’s work to include people who aren’t like us . . . who might be emotionally needy, have little or no faith-walk, have irritating habits, or talk too much about things we don’t care about.

As Jesus-followers, we’re charged with loving others as God loves us, and that’s about as inclusive as it gets. …

In our everyday relationships with our families, friends and coworkers, we don’t see a lot to gain through new relationships. We’re not selling anything. We’re not trying to build databases or email lists. We’re simply trying to make our way through an overworked world where time is at a premium. Being an includer takes time . . . it’s messier and less comfortable than sticking with our exclusive circle of people who think, look and act in ways that make us comfortable.
Take a moment now and ask God to remind you of someone who might feel left out . . . someone He wants you to include somehow. Take a step . . . send an email, make a call, send a text, do one thing to include that person. 

Bonnie and I wish you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving Day!


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