Weekly Howdy from Pastors Greg and Marty
by LPCC Admin on August 4th, 2016

Howdy Folks:
It is that time of year! No, not the hot weather; it is preparation for “back to school.” Before the summer slips away, I would like to recognize some really great things that have happened during the break from school and some upcoming plans. We had more than 20 young people participate in Camp Tejas this year, and as always, they had a great time and learned a lot. I want to thank all of our adult sponsors that accompanied our younger children to camp: Surenda Schroeder, Jennifer Marshall, Sandy Vasquez, Allison Kerr, Brad Marshall, Cody Cotton, and Ty Marshall. A very special thanks is in order for Surenda who organized, planned and lead our camp volunteers and campers. Great job, Surenda! It was an amazing time as evidenced by the many pictures, videos and great stories. One of the wonderful blessings of our church is the strong family connections. We are blessed to have such caring, giving, loving families!
Speaking of young people, it is almost time for “movin’ on up!” Yep, with a new school year comes promotion to new classes, and for some to join our “Branded” youth group! Promotion Sunday is August 21. This will be a great day in our children and youth ministries!
As you make your plans for the rest of your holidays before the young people are back in school, make sure you include the events and special services at LPCC. This coming Sunday, August 7, we will observe the Lord’s Supper. I hope you will plan to be with us. On Sunday, August 14, we will celebrate baptism for those who have transferred their trust to Christ as the author of life, Savior and Redeemer. If you have put your trust in Christ but never experienced the blessing and joy of baptism, it is not too late to be included in the baptismal service on August 14.Just call the church office, Pastor Marty or me, or send an e mail to let us know you would like to be baptized, and we will get in touch with you. In addition on Sunday August 14, there will be a special announcement concerning an opportunity for our church family to participate in a health screening that could make a difference for a healthy future. A representative from Texas Mobile Imaging will be with us to share details about a health screening opportunity that will happen later in August. If it’s time to get back to school, its time to get healthy, so don’t miss this important information. 
I will be completing the message series on “An Other Kingdom” this Sunday, and I am excited about the new series that Pastor Marty will begin on Sunday August 14. This new series is going to be very important as we go into fall. Make plans to be a part of this series on “Hearing God.” 
I hope you have noticed the new fencing at our entrance and around the children’s playground area! A special thanks to Jim McKean for his hard work on the fences in some of the hottest weather we have had this year. It is hot, and it is even hotter when you are welding!
I want to express special thanks to the Arena Team and Matt Snelus for all of their hard work preparing our arena. I am looking forward to our first events in the new arena so keep watching the weekly announcements for our upcoming dates! And, have you noticed the LPCC hats? Everywhere I go in town, someone asks me where they can get a hat? Thanks to the Arena Team for having the hats made, in all the rainbow of colors! If you don’t have your hat yet, you can get one on Sunday morning before the service at the table on the porch.
See you Sunday.
 Pastor Greg

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Howdy Folks, 
The bible says that when we pray we are to ‘make our requests known to God with thankfulness’. That is, we don’t just come to God ASKING for things, we come to God THANKFUL for what he already has done, and then of course, yes, he does want us to ask him for things we need and desire. 
I’m asking our entire church body to pray with thankfulness about two areas at this time: 
1) God’s provision for our church financially. God has been so good to our church in providing for our every need through the generous giving of our members and regular attenders. We don’t even ‘pass the plate’, because we want giving to be a matter of the heart, with not even a hint of manipulation or coercion. We also desire that those who are just checking out church, the claims of Christ, or LPCC in particular as our guests just ‘be our guest’-feeling no pressure to give. All we really do concerning money at LPCC is 1) Pray and ask God to meet our needs 2) Teach what the Bible says about giving 3) Be accountable for and give information about how the money is used. 
And the Lord has been so good and you have been so generous! In the past 2 years we have been able not only to conduct our regular ministry and give our regular missions offerings (our church gives away the first 10% of everything we receive!), we have also completed the Kids’ Corral Upstairs, and have nearly finished the arena, retention pond, kids’ playground, and property fencing! 
Now we need our church to pray, with thankfulness, that God continue to meet our needs at this time as this summer our offerings have dipped while expenses increase. The great ministries of MPACT, and Camp Tejas to name a couple, plus the increase in Utilities that comes with summertime in Texas have brought us temporarily to the place where we need God to move to continue some of these special projects. Our Audit Team along with our Executive Team seek to guide our stewardship with LPCC keeping prudent reserves, and then beyond that 60-day operating reserve funds are available to complete special projects such as the arena. At this time, we need the Lord to provide the increase and we believe he will. Will you pray, and then simply obey as God leads you? Thanks. 
2) The Need and God’s Provision for 2 Services.  What a good ‘problem’ to have! We are thankful that so many folks are coming our way in our Sunday Service that we are now at the point where we must consider when to move to two services on Sunday morning. Many of you will recall that we made this same call to prayer prior to Easter about our consideration of when to move to two services.  The Team Leaders of the teams most affected by a move to two services met, prayed, and evaluated; and the conclusion then was we need several months of team building, training, and preparation to make a permanent move to two services. Well, Thank the Lord those teams: Guest Services (greeting, parking, ushering), Music, Children’s, and Service Production (audio visual, etc.) have all grown in the past few months, and are close to being ready. So, we are now asking you to Pray with Thankfulness as our Elders are considering the timing of a move to two services. Pray that those who have been considering joining a team would do so now. Pray that those who have recently joined a team would be trained and equipped in order to have the same quality ministries in both services when that time comes. And pray thanking God for all those he is bringing and ask him to keep it up!
Also pray asking the Lord to show you your part in preparing for this growth. Right now would be a great time also to try out a team like our Production, Children’s or Guest Services Team. You can do so without committing long term and training will be provided BEFORE you commit to the team long term. Just use your communication card to sign up, or email churchadmin@lostpinescowboychurch.com
Pastor Marty 

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